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A place to restore your health and vitality for a lifetime. CUT YOUR WEIGHT IN HALF… LOWER HIGH CHOLESTEROL, BLOOD PRESSURE, RISK OF CANCER AND MORE!!!

Man-made food and process food have starch, chemicals, High sugar and salt content.

Not good for you! It clogs you up causing many health issues.

Eat food that grows from the ground and off trees that are not Hybrids.

Stay locked into the Approved Alkaline Vegan Food for the best health and natural healing tips.

Invest in your Health it’s your most valuable asset!


Health is wealth so we are sharing info that your Doctor won’t tell you or don’t know to Empower you to take your health into your hands. ⠀

What are you suffering from, what are you trying to heal from?

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We provide Full Body Detoxes, Cleanse, Seamoss, Herbal Capsules, Healing Teas, Alkaline Vegan Lifestyle Programs, Healing Wellness Retreats.



In this Sacred Space all things are possible..