Sex(Couples) Therapy

It’s natural to want better sex and sometimes there are specific reasons for your difficulties. Don’t be embarrassed about it, get help instead.

Everyone goes through phases where they don’t have the time or energy for regular sex. If this has become the norm and you would like to rediscover your sex life, sex therapy might be for you.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy helps those who are experience difficulty in their love life, and those who want to improve physical intimacy.

Our sex therapists see thousands of people every year.

What to expect

Once you’ve made an appointment with us you’ll be seen by a sex therapist who will listen sensitively to your description of the problem and undertake an initial assessment.

You will also talk about the best times for your sessions, and discuss the cost of sex therapy.

If at this stage sex therapy is considered appropriate, you will start to see your therapist on a weekly to fortnightly basis. All of the work you do in the therapy room is based on talking, however, you are also given homework to do in the privacy of your own home. 

Clients are often amazed at the progress they make and how well they get on with their therapist, once they are over the initial nervousness at talking frankly about their sex life.

If you’ve stopped having sex, this programme can help you to rediscover it. 

If sexual problems are preventing you from starting a family, sex therapy can address the psychological and physical issues and help you to conceive.