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What Is Psychosexual Therapy?

And what we can expect from this specialized therapy.


  • Psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy. Intimacy or sexual acts only happen in the privacy of the client’s home.
  • Psychosexual therapy usually includes homework designed to create a space where intimacy can begin to happen.
  • Younger people, not just older generations, are increasingly seeking help with sexual issues.

Media stories, documentaries, and movies often give the impression that sex therapy is a hands-on profession and includes the actual act of sex or a display of some kind of intimacy. But nothing could be further from the truth.

there is no sexual act or performance of intimacy of any sort during therapy sessions. These sessions are all about talking. In fact, the only expectation of intimacy is in the form of tasks set and agreed upon during sessions and done in the privacy of the client’s own home. What a relief.

Why seek psychosexual therapy?

Sex is part of an intimate relationship, and even if we choose not to engage with sex, it is a part of who we are. When there are sexual issues, the knock-on effect for individuals and relationships, if these are left silenced and untreated, can be devastating.

Of course, the prospect of talking about one’s own sex life, especially when it isn’t working the way we would like it to, can be excruciating. We might prefer to let the issues stay hidden or we try to ignore them, hoping the symptoms will disappear by themselves. But hidden issues have a tendency to show themselves in ways that can be damaging to our self-esteem and will no doubt affect our daily experiences of life.

The two most important messages that came out of our conversation were:

  1. Psychosexual therapy can help with any kind of intimacy difficultly we experience regardless of whether it is caused by medication, by a physical condition, or if it is completely natural, seemingly with no explanation.
  2. Psychosexual therapy is a specialized therapy. The therapist will be trained not only in a therapeutic discipline but will have a knowledge of how our bodies function and the medical conditions that can affect our sexual performance and will be educated in the research focused on sex, sexuality, and intimacy. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the therapist you see is qualified to work therapeutically with sex and intimacy.