Massage & Health

The Natural Wellness Spa

Many people are seeking natural ways to improve their health. From practicing yoga to eating organic, Take the natural approach to a healthy lifestyle to start feeling better.

Herbalism is the practice of using plants to treat ailments and promote health. Herbalists use hundreds of different plants to treat problems in the body. They may use herbs in teas, baths, meal plans, clinical aromatherapy and other forms to care for a range of different problems, from bloating to headaches, gynecological issues to heart health.

Herbalism focuses on the use of natural plants for medicinal purposes, while western medicine often uses just one chemical to treat an ailment. Herbalists believe that all the different natural plants work together to produce a better outcome with fewer chances of side effects.

Herbalism can often go hand in hand in promoting health in massage or bodywork. Many of our clients may complain of aches and pains, suffer from arthritis or need help with anxiety. Along with massage, herbalism can offer help with these conditions, giving our client a more well-rounded treatment.