Healing Heath Recovery Retreat

For those recovering from injury or illness; including cancer, addiction, emotional healing… Do you suffer from or you may even have mucus, inflammation, urine incontinence, UTI, and arthritis cold, menstrual cramps, cancer or trying to prevent thee above?

Message to join us on our Healing Heath Recovery Retreat. Hosted by Sacred Waters Retreats Bermuda.

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Message us today for a 1on1 30 minute consultation. $150.00 online consultation. In-person $250.00…

Natural Health Healing Wellness Transform Your Health

  • Anxiety Disorder Treatment
  • Emotional Healing, grief, depression, anxiety, isolation, and relationship
  • PTSD Therapy, Trauma
  • Mental Health Retreat
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-love A weekend of joyous self healing in seclusion.
  • Women’s Wellness & Healing
  • Goddess Retreats – 6 days / 5 nights experience realigns your chakras, opens your heart energies, reintroduces you food & nutrition for the mind & body. helps to remove obstacles of negative thinking, and promotes emotional healing.  This package will help you find your way back to you.    

Group sessions, good food, yoga and brisk outdoor walks in nature help to heal those who have been hurt or are going through trauma, Healing retreats provide a provide and nurturing environment, as well as a structured program, all aimed at helping your body, mind, and spirit heal. OUR BACK TO HEALTH HOLIDAY is perfect for those suffering from every day stresses and strains.

Bermuda Health & Wellness Retreat

  • 7 Day Retreat $5,600.00
  • 14 – 21 Day Retreat $12,000.00 – $13,500.00
  • private residence in a beautiful hideaway, our selected airbnb and hotel.

Long-term Healing, Personalized Treatments, Your Healing Journey is Unique and your treatment should be personalized to you.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is challenging to say the least, however if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, we can help.

We encourage our patients to become empowered decision-makers on their healing journey, and to confidently make the lifestyle changes

Bermuda Healing & Optimal Health Retreat

Other services:


On a daily basis, our bodies are exposed to a number of pollutants. From heavy metals found externally in our food, water, and air supply, to the dead cancer cells processed internally, these toxins prevent proper functioning and inhibit the body’s natural ability to repair itself. Our detoxification therapies act to complement your personal treatment plan, removing harmful metals and minerals, and enhancing your overall recovery.

Restoring The Microbiome

Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa all make up a complex ecosystem of microbes within our bodies. When this ecosystem is healthy and in balance, microbes play a positive, functioning role in our bodies. Unfortunately, many factors of modern life upset the delicate balance of the microbiome, causing microbes to become aggressive and pathogenic, and leading to higher incidence of disease. Our treatment plan aims to eliminate these infectious agents and restore the balance of healthy microbes in the body.

Emotional & Spiritual Health

Body’s physical response to treatment is dependent on emotional and spiritual healing. When negative emotions are overbearing, the immune system is negatively affected. Conversely, patients who release suppressed emotions increase positivity and can effectively heal cancer.

Every treatment program includes individualized therapy sessions (Behavioral, Emotional, Spiritual Therapy). With continued home support. Nutrition Therapy and Customized Nutritional Supplementation. To function and fight cancer at its full potential, you must support your body’s nutritional needs. Our treatment plan involves a personalized meal plan developed by our in-house nutritionist, assuring balanced caloric intake and introducing an alkaline diet of leafy greens and low-glycemic fruits for optimal cellular health.


Need assistance, manual lymphatic drainage massage? We take cash up front. $150 a session. Meal Prep, Light-Housekeeping $85/hr.