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Naturist Massage & Spa Service

Our naturist massage services in Bermuda. Specializing in treatments which include Chinese Medicine remedies, Herbal Treatments, Aromatherapy & more. So the concept, or blend of naturism and massage came about naturally.

On speaking to customers, we realized that a genuine naturist spa where clients could come and relax before and after the massage was needed in Bermuda. We Offer Naturopathic Medicine, Massage, Spa Treatments & and Services to nudists and non-nudists alike.

What is a Naturist Massage

This lets the receiver enjoy the long flowing strokes, you will enjoy the massage more and it will be a more relaxed experience.

Swedish – Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Services

Swedish massage was pioneered in the late 19 century by Henrik Linger, he analysed ancient massage techniques and clarified their application, it is primarily used for beauty therapy. The techniques in this type of massage include pressure applied by the hands, percussion type tapping usually by the sides of the hands and fingers, kneading is applied with the knuckles and the palms of the hands. Pressure varies according your needs. 

 Deep Tissue and Sports Massage have similar movements to Swedish but they a lot firmer, helping with specific aches and pains. These are specialized forms of body therapy used to treat specific muscular problems or injuries rather than for relaxation, the techniques employed often both involve a deep tissue massage movements to promote circulation and can sometimes cause discomfort. Even though the two massage techniques use similar movements they are used for different ailments. Deep tissue has been around longer than sports massage.

Deep Tissue treatments are more to relax tight muscles and help with body circulation. One of the most common complaints is from being hunched over a computer for hours on end, ending up with an aching upper back. We have all been there, so absorbed in our task at hand that the hours fly by without realising it we put a lot of strain on our shoulders. 

Deep tissue is perfect for working on the shoulders and shoulder blades, such a sense of relief when a therapist gets into those knots in your back. Deep tissue massage is great for tension and stiffness. It can also help with healing as the techniques used in Deep tissue help to release toxins form the body.

Sports massage is more for allocated injuries. In the Sports therapy the therapist will also do stretching of the affects areas to help loosen the muscles. As the muscles relax, then movement will be greater in the affected area. A thorough understanding of human body and how it functions is a must in the practice of Sports Massage.