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Male Massage Therapist & Pampering Specialists for woman. 21 and over. Message to book now. Pampering from head to toe. Relax your mind & body.

Some of the reasons our female clients mention when booking…..

I am stressed and/or tense and want an unconditional orgasmic release.
I often have difficulty in reaching orgasm.
Lack of sexual stimulation in my relationship.
I want to explore with another male/female, but don’t want an affair.
I have always felt guilty about enjoying sex and want to feel more comfortable in my sensuality.
Recovering from sexual aggression/abuse.
Lack of skill/knowledge by myself and partner.
My partner is no longer interested or shows little interest in fulfilling my sensual needs.
I just don’t want a relationship right now, but want to still enjoy release.
Separated/Divorced/Widowed, I would still like a sexual release but not ready for a relationship.
I have cultural or religious restrictions and I need a safe place to explore my sexuality.
Exploration of sexual activities that my partner won’t try.
Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem.
I want my partner to watch me have a sensual massage.
I’d like my partner to give me a 4-hands massage with the masseur.
I want to explore my bisexuality with a male & female masseur couple.
I want to feel desired and dominated (sensual domination)
I am more mature/fuller-figured and just want to enjoy being sensually pampered
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Sensual Pampering Escape..
Escape from the mundane day-to-day stresses of life. Treat yourself to a delightful personal experience of sensual discovery. Would you like to just relax or would like to learn more about your sensual self? Experience a massage that’s designed to be a personal, intuitive and genuinely unique experience.

Above all, a sensual massage can help you with relaxation, body confidence, sexual confidence, intimacy issues and more. Do you, for instance, struggle with intimacy? Or maybe you find yourself unable to reach orgasm due to stress or trauma? Have you often wanted to explore new sensual experiences? You can enjoy an experience that is tailor made to your own personal needs. Whatever they may be.