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Bermuda Islands Express Hair Services requires min. leave out of natural hair to cover tracks. Includes: Trim, light flat iron. text 504.0462 Book today



Natural Hair Leave-out

  • Requires minimal leave out of your natural hair to cover tracks.
  • Styling: Includes: Trim and light flat iron.

  • Net not included.
  • Length of Service: 1.5-2 hours

No Hair Left-out

  • None of your natural hair left out.

  • Styling: Includes: Trim and light flat iron.

  • May require adhesive (adhesive recommended).

  • Customization is additional.


Applies to all installs:

  • Basic braid down to hold up to 2.5 bundles.

  • Three bundles and more require a special braid down and will be an additional fee.

  • Splitting tracks is an additional fee.

  • Reusing hair is an additional fee.

  • Use synthetic hair at your own risk.

  • Installs over 4 weeks old may not be able to be a maintenance appt. You may need a new install.

  • Trimming your natural hair is an additional fee.

  • If you ask for your total price- we will say what the starting cost is as, services can be added at your appointment.

  • You don’t need to bring any supplies except a hair net if you would like to save $5 (our nets + install is $10).

  • Nets are not usually required, but they do preserve the install and take stress from your natural hair (highly recommended).

  • In-person consultations are not needed for installs. We can usually assist by phone/text.


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