Rose Quartz Facial Enhancements


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Infuse a bit of love into your daily skincare routine with Rose Quartz Roller.

This facial roller is an ancient skincare tool that has been rediscovered for its abundant anti-aging benefits. Made using 100% natural rose quartz, this massager helps smoothen and tone the skin in your face, leaving it feeling nourished and visibly more youthful. The polished crystal helps deliver a gentle massage with therapeutic effects that range from skin rejuvenation to mood enhancement.

Did you know that massaging your face with them can help relieve facial tension? 💖

🌙Facial tension is caused by emotional and physical stress, causes muscles to tighten in certain areas of your face.⁠
🌿The Rose Quartz Facial Roller is an amazing tool for both outer and inner beauty. Facial rolling in practice is de-stressing and relaxing.⁠


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