Yoni Oil, Rose Quartz Infused Oil, Gemstones, Feminine Health

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Our Rose Quartz Yoni Oil will have your Yoni healthy and reinvigorated. This Yoni Oil will promote love, healing, peace and prosperity. Infused with real rose quartz to provide healing vibrations to promote self-love, self-worth, positivity, compassion, love and healing.

The Fragrance: Fresh, Feminine, and Floral.

Manifest your dreams and let them become reality with ALL NATURAL ORGANIC Rose Quartz Yoni Oil.

Affirmations of Love and Connection:

During your practice, you can make affirmations (similar to mantras) including:

> I am open to love

> I live with an open heart

> I am wanted and loved

> I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude

> I accept and forgive myself

> I am grateful for all the challenges that help me open up to love

> I am peaceful


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