Sacred Intimate Womb Healing Experience


More then just a V-Steam Yoni Steam & a pretty robe.

Vaginal steaming has been used for many purposes but is typically used to alleviate unwanted symptoms associated with periods such as bloating, exhaustion, cramps, heavy menstrual flow and irregular periods. It is also helpful to increase fertility, help alleviate symptoms of menopause and to promote healing after childbirth. It is also a great way to cleanse after a recent relationship.

With our Womb Healing Method that provides more than just a steam clients will;

  • Recover from trauma
  • Improve their lifestyle
  • Change their income bracket
  • Access their creative power
  • Gain mental and emotional discipline
  • Stay centered in their truth about their healing
  • Improve their endocrine and reproductive health
  • Reverse disease in the body
  • Improve their love lives and sexual health
  • Redefine their spiritual beliefs and practice

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