Structural Integration Initial Session

Structural Integration (SI) is a system of manual medicine intended to improve structural (skeletal) alignment and enhance ease of movement consisting of organized sessions of hands-on manual therapy of the fascial (connective tissue) matrix, guided movement, postural analysis, and embodiment education.

This service may be scheduled as Session 1 of the ATSI 12-Series, or for anyone who is new to SI work seeking stand-alone sessions or work outside of the container of the 12-Series.

We leave extra time in our initial SI session to lay the groundwork for subsequent sessions. This additional time consists of reviewing your health and medical history, visual assessments in gravity both in stillness and movement, and goal setting for the 12-Series (if you are participating in a Series.)

Subsequent sessions of the 12-Series are 90 minutes in length, however clients are welcome to schedule 120 mins sessions moving forward beyond the initial session if they wish.