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Spoiled Goddess Mi Reina Divine Love & Abundance

For bookings and availability contact thetouchgoddess@gmail.com or WhatsApp 441-504-0462. No Profanity, No Cuss words, No Disrespect.

My availability; 8:30am -

I am a North Carolina, Atl, Georgia Southern Bell with a heart & soul full of love. I love cooking & baking from scratch. I love BBQs, Horseback riding, Weight lifting, Fitness, Owning Mini Buses (one day and driving them), and other businesses .

Certified Nursing Assistant, Accounting, Certified Dental Assistant, Certified In Computer Informations Technology, love Windows Operating Systems, Excel, Power Point Presentations, Adobe Illustration Design, Photoshop, Womb & Reproductive Health, Herbalism, Womb Yoga, and so much more.


Role Play
Herbal Foot Baths are my favorite
Kings Treatment; Mani-cure & Pedicure for Men
(Hand & Feet Nail Grooming)

Super Yachts
Private Jets
5 Star Hotels
VIP Experiences
Fine Dining

$3000.00 in a day
$100,000 in a month
Real Estate
Healing People
Curing Disease & Illnesses
Herbal Medicine Making

High Quality Experiences

Spoiled Goddess Treatment
Jacuzzis, Expensive Wine
Jewelry, Gold Watches Bracelets, Earrings, Rings

A Generous Spoiler who makes sure my wants & needs are met

A life filled with ease, love luxury, indulgence & pampering
Put me in a lovely House, Cottage, Condo with a pool so I can be comfortable

High-end Clientele
VIP Private (Real Parties No bs) Party 5K or more Pre-paid

Spoiled Pampered Goddess