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“Vaginal health is not a separate issue from overall health.

The issue is not isolated and your issue won’t go away because you do a yoni Steam. Here we connect the mind, body, spirit for a lasting healing experience.

A yoni steam isn’t the cure Consistency while on a Alkaline Vegan Plant-based lifestyle to Eliminate Dis-ease and finding the Root Cause of Dis-ease is the cure.

Drinking alcohol and sugar everyday will throw your ph off causing a reoccurrence of bacterial vaginitis.

Sugar is found in Pasta, Boxed and Canned food. Chips, soft drinks and Yogurt included.

It’s not just your vagina, but how waste is eliminated from your body in so many different ways.

Contact Yoni Steam Natural Wellness Spa start a Full Body Detox Program today! VSTEAMBOUTIQUESPA@GMAIL.COM

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